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Private Bali Villa Rental

Many people fall in love with Bali. They are enchanted by her beauty - her unique culture and diversity. Bali is unique! It is totally different. Bali's culture and customs cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This natural beauty examples the best of Asia. International lovers of Bali continually return to the island. They feel that Bali is their second home.

Private Bali Villa Rental

Your Vacation - Hotel or Bali Villa?

Many people assume that the only option for their holiday is to book a hotel room and plan their accommodation from this assumption. Many hotels on the island do offer excellent holiday package deals. Occasionally it may preferable to take these deals, for a brief vacation, and include all of the hotel services at your fingertips. But then, let's face it - hotels do have that generic affect of being the same the world over.

Many visitors to Bali have discovered that an attractive alternative to hotel accommodation is your own private Bali villa accommodation.

Create a most memorable holiday experience. From the terraced mountain sides of Ubud to the water's edge; our selection of villas range from a one bedroom honeymoon retreat to your own private luxury villa on the Island of the Gods. These villa accommodations include staff. The staff act as your personal assistants during your vacation, providing you with a sense of security - and a sense of genuine contact with the local inhabitants. Renting a Bali villa is an opportunity to connect more closely with the Bali experience.

Hotel Bali Villa

Your Bali Villas

Your choice of Bali villa accommodation also offers you a much greater sense of privacy and autonomy during your holiday. If your trip is of an extended or business nature, a villa will afford you many more options for meetings or entertaining:

  • Relax with a drink amidst your tropical garden environment.
  • Enjoy a quiet dinner with a friend or two.
  • Have lunch served in your villa dinning surroundings.
  • Enjoy your own private swimming pool.

Bali Information

Bali InformationDespite the many changes created by the rapid development of Bali's economy due to local and international tourism, and the recently increased influence of government and "big" business, Bali still attracts almost 1,000,000 visitors a year - from all around the world. The Balinese people have strong spiritual roots and despite the onslaught of tourists over the years, their culture and way of life has been relatively unaffected. more bali information...

Balinese Culture

Bali CultureBali's unique culture can be seen from its many Hindu religious ceremonies. There are always unscheduled ceremonies such as funerals, cremations and marriages. A Temple Ceremony or "Odalan" is the temple's anniversary celebration. These are held regularly according to the traditional Bali Hindu Calendar System. A temple ceremony commands the complete involvement of all the local villagers and can take weeks to prepare. more balinese culture...

Bali Locations

Bali MapBali's atmosphere is reflected in the ageless traditions; the sacred Hindu rituals, full of light and color that are so much a part of everyday life. Take a trip anywhere in Bali, through village, town or rice fields. You can only smile back at the men, women and children dressed in their intricately woven sarongs, daily laying out the small votive offerings in front of shops and homes, or at one of the thousands of small rural temples.
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Bali News

Bali Tavel NewsBali is already respected throughout the world as the number one luxury resort destination in Asia-Pacific. Here you will find up-to-the-minute news reports from Bali & Indonesia, useful visa information, plus current exchange rates for Indonesia Rupiah.
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News and Articles from Bali & Indonesia

Bali News2Bali is a meeting of extremes where cutting-edge international movers and shakers confront the custodians of an ancient and very complete way of being human. The Balinese tell us that the real mystery lies not in what is seen, in the illusory image, but what is unseen, behind it.

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